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Review of Intertwined

Intertwined by Gena Showalter
(440 pages)
Sept. 1st /09

There’s something about the new guy at Crossroads High . . .

Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:

One can time-travel.
One can raise the dead.
One can tell the future.
And one can possess another human.

With no other family and a life spent in and out of institutions, Aden and the souls have become friends. But now, they’re causing him all kinds of trouble.

Like, he’ll blink and suddenly he’s a younger Aden, reliving the past. One wrong move, and he’ll change the future. Or, he’ll walk past a total stranger and know how and when she’s going to die.

He’s so over it. All he wants is peace.

And then he meets a girl who quiets the voices. Well, for as long as he’s with her. Why? Mary Ann Gray is his total opposite. He’s a loner; she has friends. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks; she tries to make everyone happy. And while he attracts the paranormal, she repels it. For her sake, he should stay away. But it’s too late. . .

Somehow, they share an inexplicable bond of friendship. A bond about to be tested by a werewolf shape-shifter who wants Mary Ann for his own and a vampire princess Aden can’t resist. Two romances, both forbidden. . . doomed. Still, the four will enter a dark underworld of intrigue and danger. . . but not everyone will come out alive. . .

I'm not sure I can think of a single bad thing to say about Intertwined. It had it all. From romance to violence. The characters were wonderfully written, the writing was easy to understand and there were so many twists and turns that I had trouble guessing what was going to happen next. All of which I love. The cover is hot! I mean, look at it! The guy is hot, the colors are hot, and the writing is hot! Perfect combination! :)

Aden is an amazingly well written, lovable character. He's got the dangerous element going on, which is always fun. But he can also be sweet and caring. Especially around Victoria and Mary Ann. I loved that. After all he was through, from being thrown into one mental institution to the next, he was still capable of being human. Of loving someone, of having friends. He's a completely crush worthy character.

Riley is too. Riley is the werewolf of the gang. He's protective, scary, and loving. Towards Mary Ann, that is. And his friends. I liked the fact that he didn't start off as a Aden's friend. I liked it that the boys had to work to trust each other, and in the end became - dare I say it? - friends. He was a wonderful character that I'd like to learn more about.

The girls were pretty much completely opposite. Victoria was more outspoken, confident, and protective. Mary Ann more quiet, loving and sweet. I loved both characters. And was happy for both of the guys when they found love in the girls. Both (guys) seemed like they needed the girls and their love, as Aden was a loner and Riley was "ugly". Dispite the fact that Aden had Eve, Caleb, Julian and Elijah, and Riley had his brothers, both guys seemed lonely. To say the least I was happy for them.

The story itself was unique and fast-paced. There was never a dull moment. I found myself staying up late reading, telling myself "just one more chapter" over and over again, until mom came in my room at 12:30 and forced me to go to sleep. Nearing the end of Intertwined, I tried to make myself slow down, to make it last longer. Yeeeeah, that didn't happen. It was just too good!

The ending left me happy that the events happened as they did, but anxious for the next book, Unraveled. I'm not sure I can wait until September for this one. I might just have to get my paws on an ARC. I might go crazy if I don't... I NEED to know what happens next. Cause, of course, like all great writers, Gena Showalter ended Intertwined with death looming over all of the main characters' heads. Ugh.

Overall rating: 5/5 squares. A must read!

-Robyn (:

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Hey all! We are sharing a contest from my blog Teen Book Guide with the team blog. You can enter at both blogs. The contest will end on February 13, 2010. This is how you enter:
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-Open to both USA and Candian residents.

You must leave a comment so that we know you entered otherwise, we might not enter you.
Good luck and thanks!


Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
Pages: 432
Released: December 23, 2008

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:
A fresh, urban twist on the classic tale of star-crossed lovers.
When Brittany Ellis walks into chemistry class on the first day of senior year, she has no clue that her carefully created “perfect” life is about to unravel before her eyes. She’s forced to be lab partners with Alex Fuentes, a gang member from the other side of town, and he is about to threaten everything she's worked so hard for—her flawless reputation, her relationship with her boyfriend, and the secret that her home life is anything but perfect. Alex is a bad boy and he knows it. So when he makes a bet with his friends to lure Brittany into his life, he thinks nothing of it. But soon Alex realizes Brittany is a real person with real problems, and suddenly the bet he made in arrogance turns into something much more. In a passionate story about looking beneath the surface, Simone Elkeles breaks through the stereotypes and barriers that threaten to keep Brittany and Alex apart.

Many have been recommending "Perfect Chemistry" and I have seen it reviewed quite often. The plot looked really good and so I decided to get it once as my lovely library had it. I loved it. The romance was so intense and Simone Elkeles really lets you know who the characters are and how they feel. It is told in both Brittany and Alex's points of views, which I thought worked well.

It was neat to look at other people's backgrounds such as Alex in the story because he was living in the slums of town and he was in a gang, which I haven't experienced so it was neat to look into his life and see different things. It also had little phrases that he would say that were in spanish so it made it more realistic too.

Brittany's character was generally intriguing. She was the cheerleader and prep that everyone expected her to be, but there was more. She was a genuinely loving person who was somewhat stronger than most of her peers due to her helping her handicapped sister often and really caring for her even when her parents were not always there to help.

Together Alex and Brittany made an intense couple. I have only read a few books where the romance is so intense that you can actually feel it. Well, this is one. There situation alone is intense. At first they have to sneak around to see each other because Brittany's family is rather racist and Alex's gang doesn't agree with him.

I loved how everything worked out in the end. It was a beautiful story. 

Parent Corner:
-Probably 9th grade up due to language and mature content.

I give Perfect Chemistry 4.6 stars! I loved it.

Here are some links for purchase:


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Review of As You Wish

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce
(304 pages)

Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again—until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes.

Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy. As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servant begin to blur, and soon Jinn can't deny that he's falling for Viola. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn as well . . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life—and her world—forever.

Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star-crossed lovers, what it means to belong . . . and how important it is to be careful what you wish for.

This morning I started (and finished 4 hours later) As You Wish. Obviously I liked it, seeing as I finished it in four hours. Well, here's why.

The main characters, Viola and Jinn, were completely cute, funny, and honest. Viola seems like someone I'd like to be friends with. If she, you know, actually existed. So was Jinn. And Lawrence. And Ollie. All of the characters were fun, cool, and down-to-earth. People who could actually exist in real life. (Taking away the jinn thing, that is). They weren't fake, or too perfect. All of the characters had real life problems, like Lawrence being gay but still wanting to be friends with his best-friend-slash-ex-girlfriend, Viola. Or Viola having troubles accepting the fact that Lawrence will never love her the way she loved him. And her popularity issues. Everyone struggles with that at some point in their life.

I also found the fact that Ollie didn't go back to Arron really refreshing. I never really liked Arron, thought I did feel bad for him when Viola broke up with him, and I couldn't see Ollie be truly happy with him. I was happy that she found Xander.

The cover of this book, however, I was not completely happy with. I like the idea of stars on the background, and the fact that the girl on the cover isn't prefect looking, because Viola wasn't. I don't like the fact that the girl looks like she's in pain. She kinda looks funny. Sorry, but it's true.

I loved the struggles Viola faced throughout the novel, and the fact that she wasn't some shallow, selfish girl who just wanted three wishes. I liked the fact that, in order to press Viola into wishing, a car crash wasn't necessary. It was helping her friends that made her wish.

Another thing that I really liked was the fact that it wasn't Viola who first realized her feelings about Jinn. It was the other way around. Jinn was the first to realize that he was in love with Viola. It made the book that much better. It gave it a bit of a twist. It wasn't as predictable as most books are about that kind of stuff. I loved the fact that Viola didn't make Jinn fall in love with her by flirting, but by just being herself. She treated him as a normal person, as a friend. Not as a jinn or a potential boyfriend, but a friend.

And I liked the fact that, in the end, Viola made her own, true, friends. She did not stick with the "Royal Family".

Overall, this book was a fun, refreshing, and cute read well worth your time. Read it! You'll laugh and cry along with the characters! This book gets... FOUR SQUARES! :)